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Coolstreams Music Sojourn Internet Radio Program Guide, MP3 Programs On Demand & MP3 Coolstreams radio streams, Public Radio Features. Program Guide To Our Music Series: Ambient Caverns, Timeless Canyons, Celtic Currents, Coffee House, Folk Rock Cafe, Paul Ingles features, Lost Oldies Revival, Retro Rock Adventures, Soul of the Web, Alt 80s, Alt Aspects





Coolstreams Program Guide:

Most series have both On Demand Feature Programs and Coolstreams Radio Streams

Ambient, World & New Age Music Index

David Hoffman - Calmness Of Spirit:

SET AC-1,127 - Featured: David Hoffman (2009) - Calmness Of Spirit:

With David Hoffman, Terra Ambient, Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, Skip Murphy, Parallel Worlds, Between Interval, and Richard Bone. (1 Hour Set)

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Peter Kater - Piano Christmas

SET TCH-118 - Featured: Peter Kater (2009) - Piano Christmas:

With Peter Kater, Dana Cunningham, Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning, and Stanton Lanier.

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Celtic, Irish, British Isles Music Series

Fionnuala Gill - Whispers Of Love

SET CCH-104 - Seasonal Feature: Cold Frosty Mornings and January Snows:

With Karan Casey, Fionnuala Gill, Altan, Capercaillie, Shelly Phillips And Friends, Susan McKeown, Susan Hamlin, and Lunasa.

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Gaelic Storm - Whats The Rumpus?

CR-1,063 - Feature: Gaelic Storm (2008) - What's The Rumpus?:

With Gaelic Storm, The American Wake, Ewan, The High Kings, and Wolfstone .

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Folk & Folk Rock programs

Martha's Trouble - Christmas Lights

SET CHH-103 - The Hope In Every Heart Under The Moon Of Wintertime:

With Byrd & Street with Warren Hood, Jeanie Fitchen, Lydia McCauley, Martha's Trouble, and Trout Fishing in America.

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Dan Fogelberg (1999) - The First Christmas Morning

SET FRH-101 - Folk Rock Cafe Holidays: Featured:  Dan Fogelberg (1999) - The First Christmas Morning.

With Dan Fogelberg, Michael Card, Al Petteway and Amy White, Bruce Cockburn, and Jeanie Fitchen.

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Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock & Prog POD Programs

Jethro Tull - Stand Up

SET RRA-1969-02 - Feature:  1969, Part 2 - Songs that might have been played at Woodstock (but weren't): The Artists and Groups in this set all declined invitations to Woodstock for one reason or another (see details on this Wikipedia page >>>). These songs were all out in 1969 before the festival, so there's a chance they may have been on the playlist had they performed there.  The artists on this list are as eclectic as the artist lineup that performed there, just the way we like it on RRA!

With The Moody Blues, Joni Mitchell, The Byrds, Tommy James and The Shondells, Spirit, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors.

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Saga - The Human Condition

SET NSP-1,076 - Featured: Saga (2009) - The Human Condition:

With Saga, Uli Jon Roth, Days Between Stations, and Tiles.

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The Jethro Tull Christmas with Ian Anderson

PI-0011 - Feature:  A Jethro Tull Christmas

Multi-instrumental musician, prolific writer, distinctive singer and conspicuous flutist Ian Anderson of the British band Jethro Tull shares colorful Christmas memories, and presents tracks from the "cynical and grumpy" Jethro Tull Christmas Album. Anderson talks about his relationship with the flute and relearning to play the instrument properly after three decades of recording and touring.  See a longer description of this feature >>>

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Rock, Oldies & Soul POD Programs

Len Maxwell - A Merry Monster Christmas

LORH-101 - Holiday Feature: Len Maxwell (2006 Re-issue) - A Merry Monster Christmas.

With Len Maxwell, David Seville And The Chipmunks, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman, Ray Stevens, Bob Rivers, and Scarry Gary Alan A Holiday Musical Comedy / Novelty Special!

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Dan Fogelberg (1999) - The First Christmas Morning

SET FRH-101 - Folk Rock Cafe Holidays: Featured:  Dan Fogelberg (1999) - The First Christmas Morning.

With Dan Fogelberg, Michael Card, Al Petteway and Amy White, Bruce Cockburn, and Jeanie Fitchen.

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Alternative POD Programs Series

Alt 80 Nite Club Series
2008 Mistletunes compilation "Yule Tube"

SET A80-H-103 - Featured: Yule Tube(Part 1) - Mistletunes 2008.

With Hillbilly Casino, The Singles, The Len Price 3, Los Lonely Boys, Raul Malo, Jars Of Clay, The Raveonettes, Straight No Chaser, Lenka, Poor Bailey, Jack Johnson, Bray, and Rahsaan Patterson (on Part 1).  Read more about this collection and other Holiday Song collections at the Mistletunes Web Site >>>

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AAAlternative Aspects main series page

Bruce Cockburn - Slice O Life

SET AA-1,059 - Featured: Bruce Cockburn (2009) - Slice O Life:

With Bruce Cockburn, Catherine MacLellan, Jon Pousette-Dart, and Lisle Engle.

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Outsight Radio Hours Artist Interviews index page

Commander Cody - Dopers Drunks and Everyday Losers Commander Cody >>>

This is the 1 November 2009 touchdown of Commander Cody, straight from the ozone. Once the phone was picked up (in the middle of a roof engineering emergency), the Commander was a non-stop explosion of recollections, points of view, and points of fact. Commander Cody touches on his artwork and that of his deceased brother. Learn the surprising tale of how his brother’s most famous face ended up a blue meanie in The Yellow Submarine.

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